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 I am a Life Coach graduate of The official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins, "The Robbins-Madanes Life, Coaching School" Graduated from the Carl Gustav Jung Institute (Professional Psychological Training along with practical workshops) and Completed Landmark Forum and Advanced course as well as the SELP "Self Leadership Program” Distinguished Toastmaster, DTM.


Moj Noroozi


Dental Technologist

I still remember the day I had "discovery call" with Solmaz. I was lost, desperate, and restless in my life. She helped me improving and building up my relationship with myself and others. Her unique personality cannot be fitted in words; just to name some, she's kind, patient, knowledgeable, supportive and focused. During the sessions, gradually I was able to trust myself again and get ready to have a new start in my life. It was not an easy journey, but without Solmaz and her support it would have been impossible for me to start any changes. I recommend her coaching sessions to people who are having difficulties with their lives and choices. She leads you to a path in which you can implement new knowledge and methods in your life.

Barry Mirzaei P.Eng.


Chief Executive Officer at LargePowerTransformers

Friendly, polite, fun, approachable, problem solver, ....who offers exceptional client services always with smiles. Well there is an issue here! when you get to know Solmaz and get used to her service and supports, you will follow here if she changes her work location! Of course you can call her but I'm sure you would like to meet her in person.
I appreciate her great services combined with highly valued work ethics.

Laleh J.



I want to thank you, Solmaz, from the bottom of my heart for her immense support and guidance. I connected with her when I was deficient and unsure where I was heading in my life. With her gentle, generous, and wise guidance, she helped me instantly release long-held fears, resistance, anger and much deeper emotions. She always gave a new perspective to my situations, which helped me understand and relax over them.
I am now again getting my confidence back and able to face life much calmer/stronger. Thank you for being a great coach and inspiring me always. You have answers to all my questions.
I have to add that she is not about money-making; she cares about helping people.
With love always!!

Dr. Seuss

Powerful Life Coaching

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

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