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COVID-19: Our World Has Changed Overnight!

This change has not been easy for anyone and we keep hearing that things are going to get worse before they get better.  If you and your loved ones are struggling with these unexpected changes and if you are having difficulty maintaining, your health, a budget and a work-life balance during this unprecedented situation, I am here to lend a hand. I can help ease your burdens and get you through the COVID-19 crisis with the same connectedness as always.  We are all feeling stressed and we worry about health, income, the economy, loved ones and other uncertainties. The current mandated changes to our daily living is preventing us from being able to do all the things we normally do to maintain our sanity and be at our best. ​

How do you cope when your Usual Coping Methods are no Longer Available?

Social distancing is very isolating for some, while others have the exact opposite problem.  It is hard to be cooped up with children and others for long periods of time.  Kids and even pets are going a bit crazy as well. Keeping a child occupied for days without knowing when this will all be over is exhausting. Even cats are acting out as they are used to having homes to themselves.  

My online program Can Help you cope during COVID-19

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We are all coping with so much right now particularly because we have lots of time on our hands to think, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed. Issues that you might have been avoiding for years can start creeping into your mind when you are left with time to do nothing. This is not a bad thing if you can deal with it in a positive way. This is the perfect time to work with me and learn how to harness your best self.  Together we can work through whatever you are struggling with.  I am here to help you deal with your frustrations and get you through this difficult time. 

Curious How I can help you?

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Dr. Seuss

Powerful Life Coaching

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

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