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“Nothing beats the experience of walking into an appointment stressed to the max knowing that you will be walking out with a feeling of relief. Solmaz's naturally warm, supportive, fun and friendly personality makes you feel so comfortable that before you know it, you open up about all your worries and the stress just rolls off your shoulders.  She listens intently to hear everything you have to say and afterwards provides you with kind, motivational and inspirational words to help get you over any obstacle.  

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“We meet many people in our lives, but some of them touch us to stay in our minds.
Solmaz is one of these people. You can always count on her to help encourage you.
During all of the years I have known her she has always made herself available to support me when I was in need regardless of her own circumstance at the time.

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Sahar It felt great to have someone like Solmaz as a life coach. She listened without passing judgment on anything I was saying… I felt really comfortable discussing some sensitive relationship topics that had been bothering me for a while and to share things which I kept secret and did not share with others. I knew her for almost 3 years before our first appointment and despite the fact that I have never opened up to her before, I felt relaxed when talking to her. 

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If you open the dictionary and look up words such as; achiever, caring, supportive, solution-minded and above all dedicated, you will find Solmaz there with her friendly and welcoming smile. Solmaz is the epitome of what it means to be a great listener without being judgmental. 

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One major thing that sets Solmaz apart from other Life Coaches is her individual style. She knows herself, her abilities and weak points. Solmaz understands that helping people not only benefits the recipients but it also makes her happy to set people on a new path. She solves problems with enthusiasm and ambition, she is hardworking and sympathetic and her sole purpose is to work toward the betterment of others. 

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During the last 2 years, Solmaz has always been there for me when I needed her as my coach to reach out to. She has been supportive and compassionate while at the same time adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me. She is able to help me identify what is standing in my way, what the next steps I want to take care of, and how to accomplish my goals.

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After only 3 months of working with Solmaz my life completely changed. Before working with her, I had no clear idea or schedule in my life. Ever since I started my sessions with her I have been 10x more productive and successful in all areas of my life. I have never felt like this before. I am more focused on improving and getting results in my life. She is fantastic at helping you establish daily habits and introducing new disciplines into your life. 

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If I were to point out one true highlight from the year 2019, it would be getting to know Solmaz as my life coach. She is really friendly, energetic, funny, and definitely an experienced life coach who knows how to deal with her clients and show them different paths which they can take to reach their life goals. You can completely trust Solmaz and talk to her about your deepest and darkest thoughts and she listens to you without being judgmental. 

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Having Solmaz as my life coach is a gift from universe to me during the past two years of my life. I cannot imagine how I could deal with my darkness and mental distortions without her. She is the first person who I could share my deepest feelings and emotions with, and she gave me powerful step by step guidance on understanding my feelings and how to get along with them. 

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Solmaz is an individual and lifetime practitioner who comes along but once in a lifetime. She is able to utilize her endless compassion and in depth understanding of people, to effectively and creatively arrive at solutions. Her love of life and charisma is legendary. She has an amazing sense of perspective. When she sees a forest she know how to look through the trees.

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Shayesteh Vafai, M.S

Project Designer at Psomas

I felt hopeless and struggled with my marriage when I started working with Solmaz. Solmaz assisted me in connecting with my inner child within the first couple of sessions, which significantly shifted my thinking about my personal life. Most days, I would wake up anxious and carry that anxiety with me throughout the day. With the tools Solmaz provided me, those feelings have mostly vanished to be replaced by a new way of thinking. I am always a work in progress, and I am in a better place and on a better path due to Solmaz's sessions. The most important thing to do is the homework assigned to you by Solmaz. Doing the work can help you change your life for the better. I highly recommend Solmaz to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.

Sahar Nikouei

Sales Account Manager

I highly recommend Solmaz to anyone looking for a professional coach! During my coaching sessions, I realized how critical it is to maintain a close relationship with one's inner child. I also learned that asking the right questions in life leads to the correct answers, and she taught me how to be a better version of myself every day, as well as the art of gratitude! I am so grateful for my coaching time with her!

Maryam Salehi, PMP, EIT

Project Scheduler

I am grateful that Solmaz has been one of the most influential people in my life.

She is exceptional at identifying the areas that require improvement within the first few minutes of each session. I have worked with her for nearly two years, and she has taught me essential life skills that have significantly improved my quality of life. The highlight of these sessions for me has been learning to make better decisions, particularly in my relationships (both professional and personal), and to establish healthy boundaries. I absolutely endorse Solmaz as a life coach, and I would never cease working with her as she is a highly knowledgeable life-changer.

Ellie Firouz

Dental Hygienist

I definitely recommend Solmaz to anyone interested in personal development and enriching their life. She assists me in developing practical and doable solutions to problems that impede my progress toward my objectives. My coaching sessions with her have been like opening up a wound, cleaning it, and neatly wrapping it up. So when we finish a subject, I see the old scar, the problem that used to bother me, and I also see it is healing and turning to useful and valuable lessons that boost my life this time instead of dragging me down.

Rashin Sa

Professional Photographer 

Solmaz Barghgir comes highly recommended by me.

She is very professional, and her information is complete and up to date. She is also very knowledgeable, and what I like best about her is that she always has humor. It is simple to work with her because she invariably has practical solutions.

She is not just there for one session and one hour per week; she is there for you whenever you need her and never leaves you alone.

Sepideh Hashemitari


I would absolutely recommend Solmaz to a friend, and I have already done so. She is a professional and knowledgeable individual who can use her extensive life coaching experience to guide her clients through daily challenges. As a result of her honesty, loyalty, and nonjudgmental approach to the austere expanse of her own life, our session went very smoothly and enjoyable. And at the end of each session, we share many common challenges as humans. Her voice and body language give me the impression that I can completely open up to her. Furthermore, her sense of humour from the first session encouraged me to keep going, and I could not believe how quickly one hour went by at each session.

Last but not least, there is her podcast.

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