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What is your dream life?

Updated: Jan 8

What do you want to do with your life?

What is the dream for you? What does the creator have in store for you?

Too often we spend our lives wishing, hoping and wanting things.

Interestingly enough, we more often than not we don’t get what we wish for. We don’t even get what we hope for, instead, we get what we believe. What is it you believe and what kind of life do you believe God has planned for you?

Sure, we can dream but we only dream as much as our mind and imagination can handle. There is a bigger dream out there for us. The secret is to surrender to the God’s dream for you. You can achieve this by not fighting it.

Stop resisting the forces that are going in a direction that's different from the one you want to go in. Let the forces of the universe, the divine intelligence guide you and you will discover what “The Dream” is for you.

We are the captain of our Soul. We are the master of our faith.

We are responsible for the choices we make during the course of our lives.

According to the third law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means for everything we contribute to the world, our actions, there is an equal & opposite reaction. What you do, what you say and most important the energy of who you are is radiating into everything around you, the world, your home and your relationships. And somehow that energy will always come back to you.

Whether you believe it or not, you are responsible for the type of energy that you are putting out there and I can assure you that it will determine what type of energy comes back to you. It’s law the law of motion. Many countries around the world call it “The Golden Rule” and they say “"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"..

The truth is that whatever you have done cannot be undone.

You are the person who controls what comes back to you based upon what you are putting out. You can take control of your life by being aware of what you do and keeping in mind that this will determine what comes back.

In “Seed of the Soul” by Gary Zukav, he talks about the laws of karma and how your intention should always be to be one with the law, meaning that before you even think about something your mind already has the intention about that something. And it is this intention that is going to determine the outcome. Some examples: People who go to the same church service week after week and someone sitting in the same pew and making a donation for the same amount. These intentions set the stage for future outcomes. Once you figure this out, you can change everything in your life. Once you get it, you will use the Principle of intention for everything. You won’t do anything before thinking about it. "What is my motivation", "why do I want to do this“ and “What is the energy related to my intention that’s going to enter my thoughts produce an action and what will I receive in return"? Remember the law!

Try not to do anything that you don’t intend. Don’t allow yourself to be marginalized or defined by other people’s agendas and intentions. Because the power of your story lies in your personal intention.

It should be your intention to fulfill the dream of the creator. Strive to live up to the highest calling. Expect the best of yourself. Ask the creator, "what makes me, me" and "what is your dream for me?” Says Oprah Winfrey

Instead of trying to find the dream, lean to dream and believe in the universe and all its forces; power, Love, light, grace and God. It has so much to offer.

It is true that everybody works hard & everybody has their own dreams, but this is what Oprah Winfrey has learned; "When you can surrender to the dream you get to live in the space of the higher power. You get to live in the space that you purposely have come to hearth to claim for yourself. When you have done everything that you can do, surrender all.”

There is a bigger dream waiting for you all you have to do is step into it. You only have one life to live, don't waste it wanting to be somebody else. Hoping to be in someone else's shoes will not get you their accolades or riches.

The divine intelligence dreamt of you before your ancestors ever knew they would become your ancestors. And the divine wants you to know how special, how wondrous, how mysterious, how complex, how glorious, how phenomenal you are.

Remember that you get no credit for messing around in someone else’s territory. Or for trying to have power over something that you have no control over. You have no power in any territory other than your own. You are the master of your own territory. You are the master of your own faith. You are the captain of your own soul. That's enough for you to manage. Stick with your own territory for this is where the glorious, wondrous opportunities and possibilities are waiting for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What am I resisting?

What am I pushing against?

What am I not allowing in my life?

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