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15 ways to make others happy

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

How to make others happy?

15 ways to make others happy


Are you happy?

Do you want to be happier? Do you know how to make yourself happier? If you are unsure, you might be on a path to ongoing problems. In an attempt to make yourself happier it is likely that you will resort to some type of instant gratification. Things like eating, shopping, reading magazines or trolling on Facebook are a few examples of things that could be pushing you further into a state of unhappiness. While it would be nice if we could all find our own wardrobe closet door that leads to the land of Narnia, this is just wishful thinking. There is one portal that is guaranteed to help you find Your Happiness.

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Are you ready to step into Narnia happiness? 

Make Someone else happy!

Make Someone else happy!

As Eleanor Roosevelt said “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

Nothing makes us happier than when we know we have been the source of someone else’s happiness.

Why? Because we like to feel important, significant and valued. When we see someone else’s face light up and we know that we did that, it rewards us. We feel valued, joyful and it gives us a sense of belonging. This drives up our self-esteem and lends true meaning to the saying "we get back what we give".

So how can you make someone happy?

Here are few simple, easy and quick ways that you can do today;

1. Complement Someone:

Find something authentic to compliment someone on. For example their eye color, their shoes, their beautiful smile, the list is endless. You can always find something to make someone's day.

2. Open a Door:

Hold the door open for someone and flash a big bright smile. A few seconds is all it takes.

3. Yield the right-of-way to another driver:

Let someone in your lane then give them that megawatt smile. It costs you nothing.

4. Express gratitude:

Express sincere gratitude for something someone has done.

5. Bring in a healthy snack:

Bring something into work for your colleagues, bring the parking lot attendant or janitor a treat and don't forget your letter carrier around holiday season. There are so many options to make someone's day, just pick one.

6. Encouragement:

We all get discouraged. When you see someone who looks down, be positive and encourage them in an appropriate manner to the situation.

7. Make somebody laugh:

Tell a joke say something funny even if it means embarrassing yourself for extra credit. Pick a relatable story, you can even find something online.

8. Reach out and touch someone:

Instead of texting, face booking or emailing, surprise a friend by picking up the phone. There doesn't have to be a reason you're just inquiring how he/she is doing. A quick warning, your friend might initially think that you're the bearer of bad tidings, after all, who calls people anymore!!!!

9. Write a note:

Speaking of old school, reach into the drawer where your Etch-a-Sketch and Atari joystick are stored along with pens and paper. Pull out a pen and a piece of paper and write a good old fashioned note to someone. Remember to check your spelling, there’s no auto correct or spell check when using this means of communication!

10. Spread positive gossip:

Say something nice behind somebody’s back. Praise someone to others without the other person even being present. It probably won't go as viral as negative gossip but it is likely to get back to them at some point.

11. Bring somebody flowers or cook a meal:

For no good reason, just because. Cook the person's favorite meal just because you want to do something nice to make you feel good.

If you are a lousy cook, bring in takeout or have something yummy delivered.

Bring a cup of coffee or tea to a co-worker or show up with his/her favorite drink because it's another day to be celebrated.

12. Smile:

Not a sinister smile, but rather the warm, friendly and well-timed smile.

13. Hug:

Because the person looks like they need it.

14. Say I love you:

Put a loving post-it note somewhere visible. On the dashboard of the car, on a computer screen, inside a cupboard door or on the refrigerator door.

15. Listen:

Tune in to the person who is speaking, give him/her your full attention and listen to their story. You don't need to speak, the individual wants you to hear what is being said.

You can pick as many as you like from the examples given or you can create your own.

I encourage you to start your journey to happiness by making a point of doing one small act daily that makes someone else happy. Soon you will ask yourself why you did not discover such a simple act sooner!

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