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The Top three Challenges you may face upon a new path in your lives

It all starts with choosing a new path!

The Top three Challenges you may face upon a new path in your life:

1) Lack of clarity:

Most people think in generalities for example, “I hate my job and I want a new one”.

Ok that’s a viable thought, but what are you looking for? Get specific. Know what you want. Most people know what they don’t want but it's really important to take the time to think about what it is that you really want and to INVEST your time in that.

It’s amazing that we are so busy that we don’t put a lot of time and energy into sitting down and asking ourselves “what is working in my life and what isn’t? And then to take it one step further by figuring out what it is we want to change?

2) Not knowing what to do:

A lot of times we are missing the critical information necessary to take the next step or even knowing what it could be! The following equation, Affirmation + Action = Miracles, sheds some light why we are often stuck and how we can get to where we would like to be. I will elaborate upon this in a future article.

A lot of time we are missing information with respect to what we need to do and what action to take?

We look at it in a different way by asking ourselves some of the following questions:

“I must be afraid that’s why I’m stuck” or “I’m sabotaging my success, that’s why my intentions aren’t happening for me” or “I fear my success “

Most of time a solution is really simple when we don’t know WHAT IS NEXT!!!!

In situations where you are unable to chart a path for yourself, a professional coach can be very helpful.

If you say to me, "I want to write a book", I can assure you that you will engage in a conversation with me about your fears and that you have nothing to offer that hasn't been said before. This is what you think that is keeping you at an impasse but the truth is you don’t know that you need to start by writing a book proposal! You then ask, "what does that look like"? I respond, "there is a guide available called, “How to write a perfect book proposal” I go on to say, "if you read it you will learn what it looks like, and guide you through the steps to put one together". You will discover that can actually do it.

I have discovered that us humans have wonderful qualities that includes resilience and we can be encouraged and inspired to take action. Sometimes all we need is someone to give us a little push and point out what it is we need to do. One big obstacle is isolation. When we are lonely we need each other more than ever. We are on this planet together as one for a reason. I think that it’s the lack of support and the inability to ask for help that often keeps us stuck.

If you have an intention to write a book or do something else for that matter and you have the information to get you started you might still be fearful. This is normal we all get scared when heading into uncharted territory.

You worry about who will be there to hold your hand or telling yourself that it's OK and that you can do it.

Let’s break it down into smaller steps to keep you moving in right direction instead of allowing yourself to be stuck. And, as a side not, you would never go to the hardware store to get milk so too should you choose the right people to support you.

By taking a new path we are choosing to express our creativity and nurture our soul which makes us vulnerable. The things that we intend or we affirm for our lives, are those things which are deeply important to our soul making us more vulnerable than by staying in predictable situations. And too often we turn to people who squash our dreams and aspirations by telling you why what you're proposing is crazy and why it is not going to work. That’s called going to hardware store for milk! You want to get support from people who really hold your hand and say “hey, I’m right there with you”

3) Impatience:

Being in a new unknown path and possibly facing many barriers will challenge your patience a lot!

You may look at others who are successful and ask yourself, "why them and not me". There are many individuals who have not been patient enough along their path and they quit at the point where they should have been putting in the extra effort, exercise some patience and trying a little harder.

When you see those who are successful having momentum, it’s because they have patiently sown their seeds and nurtured their business or project for a long time like a farmer tends to the crops until the seeds begin to sprout. These achievers never give up, they keep nourishing until they get the momentum.

You cannot make any change in your life overnight. It takes time with so many dark unknown areas to discover and often many people along the way who may be your dream stealers.

Together we can make chosen path a reality by being clear in the beginning. Life Coaches can give you the professional help, all you have to do is ASK, be willing to invest your time and energy into achieving your success and to be patient along the way.

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