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How to Use Your Thinker to Get Whatever You Want - Your Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 8

Change your world

I want to share with you one of the profound teachings I received about our mind and our human potential from my dearest mentor “Darren Hardy”.

This insight is what has been helping me redirect my mind and my life from the limited circumstances I believed I came from. Up until the point of learning this profound concept, I believed I wasn’t smart enough and that I should have continued my studies after I got my bachelors degree to be respected. I also felt that I didn’t have right connections, lacked talent and that I wasn't born in the right country like the many people I saw on TV or in magazines.

There is a simple & profound understanding that changed everything forever.

Here is how it was explained to me:

The human mind behaves as if we are divided into two parts;


The THINKER can think about virtually anything. And whatever the THINKER thinks about, the PROVER has to command to prove that what the thinker has thought to be true. This is why you become what you believe about yourself. If your THINKER thinks “I am incapable” the “The PROVER” will scan it into your the data base of your brain. It will then go through your history and pull out all the things that will validate and prove your thought. In addition, the PROVER will look for anything in your present environment that will reinforce that thought. When it finds something you will say “See, I knew that I wasn’t capable of this!”

Proving the THINKER right!

Then you act on that reinforced belief that says you are incapable and guess what? You become incapable! The PROVER has done his job proving the THINKER right!

Let’s take a practical example. Let's say that you believe you can’t learn how to become influential in a foreign language or you can’t learn how to become a successful entrepreneur. Your thoughts are now compelling the brain, “The PROVER” to take action on those thoughts to prove to you that you are correct. So any time you attempt to do something that you truly think you can’t do, the proving part of your brain will prevent you from even completing the work that is necessary to achieve those tasks. You will not study, you will not prepare, you will not do anything more than dip your toes into waters around those intentions. Because you truly don't believe you can do it. And, the PROVER part of your brain will prove you right. The PROVER might even go as far as to give you headaches, cause you to have anxiety or make you nauseated. Or the PROVER has you make up excuses, have you pretend to be busy with lesser tasks or find an escape through mindless entertainments etc…

The PROVER will do whatever it takes to prove you right and so the vicious circle continues.

So whatever you’re thinking you are, you already are.

You have already bought into that story and it’s your proving mind’s responsibility to prove you right. We have all heard the saying "you are what you think" and it could not be further from the truth. Buddha said: “The mind is everything, what you think you become.” It is written in proverbs: “For as he is thinking in his heart, so is he.” Jesus said: “As you believe so, shall be done on to you.” And the great mystic Bruce Lee says: “As you think, so shall you become.”

The power of the mind when it comes to this thinking proves that this process cannot be overstated. The THINKER can think itself to become sick but it can also think itself well again. You can think yourself into a depression, into stress, into misery and into frustration. If the THINKER thinks Holy Water will cure your illness, the PROVER will skillfully organize all the signals from the glands, muscles and organs in your body until they have harmoniously brought your body to good health again. It is called the Placebos, but in actuality it is just the PROVER, proving the THINKER right.

Yes, your mind is that powerful! You can literally change the physiology within your body with your mind. You can change your physical reality, your outcomes and your life, through the power of your mind.

Of course, it’s easy to judge other people’s mistakes and identify that their mind is operating in a THINKER - PROVER way. Comparatively speaking it is much harder to become aware of the fact that one’s own mind is also working that way.

Remember this, you can change what you can create going forward;

The THINKER, thinks and then the PROVER Proves.

Thinking is the beginning of creation. Only think about what you want the PROVER to activate and start proving to be true.

Challenge yourself to activate the life you want.

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1 Comment

Elham Goldoz
Elham Goldoz
Jan 01, 2021

What a great article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Solmaz is very highly educated person and she knows what she is doing. Im highly recommended her to everyone if they decide to change their life to get more success and happiness in their life. I really appreciated Solamz jan for your support.

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